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Virtual Assistants

Updated: May 20

Who is a virtual assistant? How can they help you? Why do all entrepreneurs have one?

Could VA services be useful for you? And how can you find the best ones?

Virtual Assistants
Remote Bob Virtual Assistants

We have personally matched over 110 entrepreneurs with virtual assistants over the last three years. We have seen many success stories, but also some failures, and we have learned from them.

We reveal everything you need to know about virtual assistants—things we wish we had known before we started this business.

Who is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is NOT a chatbot; it is a real person—an assistant or secretary—who works from home, remotely. Most VAs are working part-time for one client, so if you need support only one hour per day, or 3 hours per day - that is ok, it is very flexible collaboration.

A VA's main goal is to help the client save personal time and become more organized.

A VA helps the client, usually an entrepreneur or busy professional, with various personal, administrative, or marketing-related tasks. Virtual assistants handle everything that would take up too much of the client's time.

Such as...

Personal tasks: Booking restaurants, sourcing nannies and cleaners, ordering groceries, ordering gifts, organizing holidays, managing Tinder profile...

Admin tasks: Research, shortlisting suppliers, document management, inbox management, drafting contracts, preparing invoices, coordinating appointments etc.

Marketing tasks: Designing social media posts, community growth, writing blogs, sending newsletters, LinkedIn outreach, creating Power Point presentations...

To be a good virtual assistant, a person has to be proactive, intelligent, resourceful, organized, detail-oriented, responsible, communicative, and able to take initiative.

virtual assistants meme
virtual assistants meme

Can Virtual Assistant support you?

If you find yourself constantly busy and overwhelmed, wishing there were more hours in the day

Support with self-discipline, and keeping track of tasks, and documents organized would be useful

You are open to the idea of trusting virtual assistants to do your work

Investing at least £400 per month in order to free-up your personal time, sounds doable

You would enjoy having more free time to focus on strategical growth of your business, or simply to enjoy your hobbies

You should avoid hiring Virtual Assistants if...

-- Your main problem right now is low revenue, and you need someone to figure out how to increase sales. In this case, sales or marketing coach might be able to help you.

-- You are not sure what tasks need to be done, or how, you just need someone to figure out

strategy for your business

-- You don't have any budget that you can invest in hiring virtual assistants, having additional expense would cause a lot of stress to you

--You believe that no one can do work exactly the way you envision it, and if you would delegate 1 task to someone you would have to spend a lot of time micromanaging everything they do (not ready to let go of control)

virtual assistants meme
virtual assistants meme

Hiring Virtual Assistants - Freelancer or agency?

If you possess extensive experience in hiring and managing personnel and wish to dedicate time to personally recruit, shortlist, interview, and onboard your new virtual assistant, you have the option to directly hire a freelancer from platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, or similar ones. In this situation, you will be compensating only virtual assistants' for their time and assistance.

You will be the person who will manage virtual assistants, ensuring they understand goals, complete the work on time, and feel motivated.

However, in case the freelancer proves to be unreliable or takes time off, you will be solely responsible for managing the situation.

Hiring a VA from an agency like means that one agent wil have

a Free Consultation Call with you - to talk about tasks that you would like to delegate, your needs, requirements, tools, working hours, and how do you envision your ideal virtual assistant. You can book free consultations here

Then you will receive a quote and service specifications to your email, and if everything looks good you will sign up for collaboration. In 5 working days, Remote Bob will introduce you to your ideal virtual assistant. Before introducing you to your new VA - agency will brief him and make sure he is prepared. Every week Project Manager will check how your virtual assistant is doing, support him if he has any additional questions, and make sure that he is motivated.

So to summarize, if you are hiring a virtual assistance agency Remote Bob - recruitment, onboarding, quality assurance, and potential handovers or replacements are on us!

It is all included in monthly subscription based on hourly package - £15 or £22 per hour plus VAT.

We understand that when you decide to hire virtual assistants, you don't need more people to manage. You need someone who will understand your personal, and business goals, and proactively help you to achieve them!

Email us at if you have any additional questions.

Virtual Assistant Valeria
Virtual Assistant Valeria

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