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Our Story

This is how it started

Before Remote Bob, many business owners had a hard time finding a VA

Barbara Maheshwari

Our Founder, Barbara Maheshwari, worked as a Business Consultant. During her collaboration with many entrepreneurs, she observed that a significant portion of their time was dedicated daily to tasks such as research, scheduling meetings, and responding to emails.

The precious time of a business owner should be allocated to vital aspects such as strategy and growth! Recognizing the need for a solution, she advised entrepreneurs to consider hiring a Virtual Assistant to handle repetitive tasks.

Despite the multitude of agencies available, clients often found the process of finding the right VA to be daunting and

Collaborating with a VA can be easy 

We were convinced that there had to be a better way to find a reliable virtual assistant!

The systems we've developed guarantee that every Remote Bob VA can confidently fulfill 20 essential tasks that clients frequently delegate.

Our rigorous recruitment, vetting, and training process filter only the most proactive assistants.

virtual assistant for startup_edited.jpg

When you decide to hire a VA, you don't need another person to manage.

You need someone who will understand your business goals and proactively help you to achieve them. 

Here at Remote Bob, virtual assistants understand that.

Our Values

We care about this...



Our team members thrive on their independence


You can count on us


We treat everyone with kindness and respect


Initiative is our middle name

Meet the Team

Jelena Rapljenović.jpg

Jelena Rapljenovic

Quality Assurance and Finance

Barbara Maheshwari.png

Barbara Maheshwari

Director, Growth




Operations, Training

Our Promise 

To Clients

We will recruit, train, and onboard the ideal virtual assistant for you based on your tasks, personality and other requirements.


On a monthly basis, we will provide ongoing support, motivation, and supervision for your VA, ensuring that you derive the maximum benefit from this collaboration.

And hey, if you ever need a replacement, we've got you covered. We'll handle all the details, including training a replacement, and there won't be any extra charges. It's all part of the deal!

To Virtual Assistants

You no longer have to apply for jobs or send hundreds of proposals to land a project. Sit back and relax; we will match you with a client who shares the same vibe.

All Remote Bob virtual assistants are guaranteed to get paid on time. ALWAYS.

Everyone will always be treated with kindness and respect. If you ever face a challenge, our mentor will be there to support you. You will also gain access to our events, education, and a community of other VAs celebrating success together.



We are building a leading global community of VAs and entrepreneurs who support each other in achieving growth and success. 

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Collaborate with us!

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