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The Ultimate List of 40 Tasks You Can Delegate to a VA

Whether you are excelling in your personal career or building a business, if you are doing well, your time is becoming very valuable and precious.

There are only 24 hours in a day, so we need to think twice about whether we want to use our hours closing new sales deals, spending quality time with our family, or researching new suppliers for business cards.

"It would cost me £100 per hour to hire someone to replace me, but by delegating 9 tasks per week to a VA for £22 per hour, I can free up 14.5 hours for myself and take on one more project. It is a good investment! It is simply not wise for me to personally handle admin work anymore." - Sarah Rosatti

Remote Bob Founder Barbara Maheshwari

What Can I delegate to a Virtual Assistant?

Start with admin!

Administrative tasks

  • Inbox Management - Involves answering emails, unsubscribing from spam messages, and saving templates for replying to frequent inquiries. Many clients come to us with over 10,000 unread messages in their inbox. You can imagine their joy when, after a few weeks of working with us, they see "no unread messages" for the first time in a couple of years

  • Organising Documents or photos - If you are prone to 'saving' documents or photos in disorganized piles, having a VA who can sort them out in a way that you can actually find them later would be very valuable

  • Research - Researching new market trends or the next vacation destination is very time-consuming. Virtual assistants excel in presenting extensive research data or simply choosing the best option for you based on their findings

  • Shortlisting Suppliers - Getting quotes, comparing them, and shortlisting the best option for an accountant agency, printing service, or just a hairstylist nearby with availability today

  • Drafting Contracts - Updating the name, address, and company number in a contract template, sending it for signature using DocuSign or PandaDoc, chasing everyone to sign it, and saving the signed contract to the drive with the correct name. Simple, but it takes time.

  • Bookkeeping - Saving receipts, tracking expenses

  • Invoicing - Invoicing your clients in QuickBooks or Xero and sending payment reminders

  • Data entry - Updating database

  • Arranging meetings and taking notes - Making sure that everyone joins the meeting on time, even your partners in different time zones

  • Admin support with recruitment - Writing job ad, publishing it on CV Library, Guardian Jobs, LinkedIn Jobs, Angel List, Work in Startups... Shortlisting CVs, scheduling job interviews, sending questionnaires to candidates etc.

  • Preparing proposals or presentations - Personalizing presentation for every new client, or preparing quotes

  • Inventory management - For ecommerce businesses

Leverage Virtual Assistants for Business Expansion: Delegate these tasks to a VA

Marketing tasks

  • Tracking leads - Segmenting and tracking potential clients contacts, using Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive or other tools

  • Searching for speaking gigs - Reaching out to event organizers or replying to HARO requests

  • LinkedIn outreach - Sending intro messages to your potential clients or partners on your behalf

  • Sending out newsletters - Usually in Mailchimp, Mailerlite or Active Campaign.

  • Writing blogs - Engaging, SEO optimized blogs

  • Writing short product descriptions for eCommerce

  • Preparing content for website - From "about us", to "our services"

  • Creating social media posts - Writing copy and producting fabulous social media creatives

  • LinkedIn Profile management - Publishing at least 3 posts every week

  • Community growth - Following relevant profiles, joining groups, engaging in discussions

  • Organizing events - Publishing your event on Meetup, or Eventbrite, sending out invitations, facilitating online group sessions etc.

  • Updating website - Often in Wix, Squarespace of Wordpress

  • Video editing - Long promo videos, or reels

Let a VA Help You Reclaim Your Personal time

Personal tasks

  • Assistance with self-discipline - Pushing you to stay on the track, focused on your most important goals

  • Diary management - Efficiently organizing and maintaining your schedule

  • Trip planning - Crafting detailed itineraries and coordinating logistics for seamless travel experiences

  • Transportation reservations - Booking taxi, or finding the best flight or train ticket

  • Grocery ordering - Ensuring you never run out of milk when making that morning coffee.

  • Gift purchase planning - Selecting thoughtful gifts for special occasions for your loved ones

  • Reminding you of important dates and birthdays, including your wife's birthday and car registration date

  • Restaurant bookings - Arranging reservations at your favourite restaurants

  • Nanny recruitment - Assisting in finding and hiring a suitable nanny for your child

  • Locating new cleaners or a handymen - Researching about these services, and shortlisting the most suitable one

  • Managing your Tinder profile - Swiping right, until you get a "match"

  • Aiding with school assignments - Providing assistance and support for academic tasks and projects if we have knowledge about them

  • Contacting utility companies - Taking care of communications and arrangements with utility service providers.

  • Scheduling doctor appointments - Coordinating and scheduling appointments with healthcare professionals on your behalf

Finding nearby gyms or beauty salons that meet your criteria - Finding gyms or beauty salons nearby that totally vibe with your style

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