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Hiring a Remote Bob Virtual Assistant: How Does It Work?

Everything you need to know to kickstart successful collaboration with Remote Bob.

Step 1: Free Consultation Call

You can book a call here

Hiring Virtual Assistant
Free Consultation Session

The purpose of this call is to see if we're a good match!

Let's get to know each other, chat about what you'd love to delegate, discuss your favorite communication styles, and dig into what really matters to you. We're wrapping up this call with a thorough understanding of your ideal virtual assistant and a game plan to knock your expectations out of the park! 🚀

Before we dive into a partnership, we want to ensure we're not just a good fit but that we can genuinely bring value to your business. Our client relationships often last for years because we choose clients who share our values, and we're committed to going above and beyond from day one to support them.

Step 2: Follow up email about hiring virtual assistant

After our call, you will receive a follow-up email containing a summary of everything we discussed, a link to our references, pricing details, and a list of the next steps if we all agreed to proceed with collaboration.

Step 3: Your reply

We will wait for your confirmation that we have the list of tasks, schedule, and other details correct - and to send us your company details (or personal details, if you don't have a business).

satisfied VA client

Step 4: Contract and payment

You will receive a straightforward collaboration contract (via PandaDoc) detailing the services we offer, our privacy policy, and our hourly rates. It's important to note that we function as your supplier, not a formal employee, though rest assured, we've got your back and treat your business as if it were our own.

For instance, you might have a contract for 80 hours of VA support per month. Any unused hours can't be carried over to the next month. If our Quality Assurance Manager observes that a virtual assistant isn't using all the hours, they'll prompt you to provide more tasks. Conversely, if they notice that the VA will utilize all the hours before month-end, they'll seek your approval for additional hours or to defer some tasks to the following month. You have the flexibility to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime, with a 30-day cancellation notice.

Before we kick off the project, we'll need you to set up a direct debit. We charge for every month in advance. For instance, if we start on March 1st and you've opted for an 80-hour package, we'll charge for the 80 hours that will be used in March on that same date. If we begin on March 15th, we'll charge for 40 hours to cover the remainder of the month. Subsequent payments will then occur on the 1st of each month for the hours in that month (e.g., May 1st for hours in May)

Step 5: Relax, we are matching you with your ideal VA

You don't have to post job ads, conduct interviews, or sift through CVs. Drawing on your requirements and our extensive experience with virtual assistants, we match you with your perfect virtual assistant.

Typically, this process takes 3-5 working days for part-time VAs, and a bit longer for full-time virtual assistants. We consider skills, experience, communication style, personality, availability, and vibe to ensure that you get the most out of your collaboration with a VA.

We have recruited and trained hundreds of virtual assistants, so we know how to recognize the good ones.

five star rated virtual assistant
virtual assistants

Step 6: Kick Off Call

The Quality Assurance Manager will reach out to you and organize a Project Kick-Off Meeting. We will introduce you to your new VA. Before this meeting, your VA will already be briefed about your business and tasks. The QA Manager will remind you to prepare log-ins and provide any other details about tasks that might be required for a Virtual Assistant to start working right after the call. Over 97% of calls result in a fruitful long-term collaboration, but if you don't feel it's the right fit, you can let us know, and we will offer a replacement instantly.

Step 7: Successful Collaboration

Your VA will provide you with daily or weekly updates on the progress of work, depending on your preferences discussed during the consultation call. In our system, we will track all tasks, working hours, and weekly reports generated by your VA. The Quality Assurance Manager will regularly seek your feedback. Additionally, Remote Bob offers free training and mentorship to VAs. If they ever need to acquire a new skill or encounter difficulties with a task, they won't need to bother you to deliver fabulous results.

Starting collaboration with a VA
QA Manager

Step 8: We Got Your Back

In case of any unpredictable situations—if you ever need an additional VA or a replacement for an existing VA, the handover and training of a new person will be on us!

We will do our best to free up your time, organize your business, and assist you in scaling your company. Our VAs are resourceful, fast, smart, and hardworking, and they genuinely care about our clients.

Treat everyone respectfully when hiring virtual assistant, provide honest feedback, and when we kick off collaboration, find time to delegate tasks. Please be invested in making the most out of this partnership - it will pay off!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out

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